Book Writing Blueprint Webinar

You know you have an incredible message on the inside of you that can change someone’s life for the better if you write it.

You’ve managed to write notes and do research because you know you’ll write it eventually.

The problem is getting it on paper.

Well, what if you could create your amazing book without adding stress to your schedule or requiring you to master English grammar?

That’s where the Book Blueprint comes in.

From refining your brilliant concept to choosing the best way to write, talk or outsource your book, this service gives you tried-and-proven strategies to help you write your book on your own terms.

This service is not for you if:

  • You’re writing fiction,
  • You want to write a book just to see what happens and you are not interested in learning about the publishing industry and marketing so you can make the most informed decisions or
  • You’re looking to have someone research, write and edit the book for you with little to no input from you.

This service is for you if:

  • You’ve started journaling, writing notes, researching, podcasting, building a course, blogging or use some other method to get your message out, but you still want to write a book,
  • You plan to use your book as part of a larger business or non-profit platform to inspire or coach others and
  • You’re committed to co-creating your book with clear guidance, structure and support.

No matter how much (or how little) you like to write or how much (or how little) time you have available to work on your book, I know a way to help you finally finish your book.

What's included:

  • A questionnaire you’ll complete before our call to help me learn more about your book and pinpoint your biggest challenges so we can maximize our time together, 
  • A 3 hour 1:1 call so we can clearly define your reader’s expectations, outline your book and draft the best writer’s block-defying writing plan for you, 
  • A written summary of the call along with your book outline, custom writing plan, and other relevant resources within 24 hours,
  • 30 days of on-going email support while you execute your writing plan,
  • A 60 min Book Blueprint Follow-up Call 30 days after the 1:1 call to help you tweak or adjust your writing plan as needed and
  • Full payment credit towards next service bought in the next 12 months for the same book project (ex: Craft the Draft Writing Workshop or My Ghostwriter for the Day)
  • BONUS: Lifetime access to on-demand book publishing prep and promotion resources.

How it works:

Timeline: 4 Weeks with Lifetime Access to Writing and Publishing Resources

Outlining the Book

(1-2 weeks)

  • Author Questionnaire to set project goals
  • 3 Hour 1:1 Video Call to create your Book Blueprint
  • A written summary of the call along with your book outline, writing plan and other relevant resources within 24 hours.

Filling the Outline

(2-4 weeks)

  • You’ll gather relevant notes, research and content to fill your outline
  • You’ll follow your Writing Plan to write, talk or outsource your detailed extended outline
  • Write drafts of your first couple chapters (or more)
  • Use weekly check-in emails with me to troubleshoot and set goals


Book Blueprint Follow-Up

(1 day)

  • 60 min. Video Call to review completed writing and prepare for next steps.
  • A written summary of the key ideas and decisions made on the call and summary of next steps within 24 hours.

Book Publishing Prep

(Lifetime Access to On-Demand Resources)

  • Book Publishing Roadmap
  • Book Strategy Planner
  • Bestselling Book Launch Planner
  • Book Signing Planner
  • Insider’s Guide to Author Platform Building
  • Full payment credit payment towards copyediting (must use within 12 months)



Customers Say

One Stop Shop from Conception to Deliverable

"Danielle is true to her talent gifting as a writer and business professional. I have thoroughly appreciated her professionalism and commitment in helping me reach my goal in writing my first book. Danielle is highly proficient and most certainly honors timelines. If you are seeking to write and publish a book, I would highly recommend Danielle, she is a one stop shop from conception to deliverable!"

—Timothy, NC after Finish the Book Service

She is trustful, reliable, real and she gets her customers!

“I wasn’t sure if I could get that personal experience working through calls and video conferencing, but I absolutely love working with Danielle!!  She has helped me challenge myself through [her] honest feedback and critique of my manuscript. I was able to restructure some of the content in my book so it has a better flow, and add an additional 15K words to my original draft.

The effort and research and motivation [she] put in for my work is just as I do for myself and I’m so grateful!  She has my future goals always in mind and is always thinking about ‘the big picture’ with me and not just my book. Our dialogues in both emails and live calls inspire me with new ideas and direction. 

I would absolutely 100% recommend her services.  She is trustful, reliable, real and she gets her customers! She gets me excited about my book!”

—Marisa Jones after the Craft the Draft Critique + Coaching Service

She pushed me to the finish line!

"Danielle helped me achieve two things: 1) I completed my first book, so now I am a novice publisher. 2) I am now inspired to start another book. I love the option to work early in the morning, and I love that she doesn’t procrastinate. She pushed me to the finish line! Working with Danielle gives me new energy and helped me reinvent my goals. I would recommend her and her service to any of my friends who want to write a book."

—Jasper C. Lee after the Finish the Book service

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