Book Starter Kit

The first book I wrote took a little over a year, but now I write books in 30-90 days depending on the topic and how much information I have when I start. My personal record is five days for a pocket sized book.

The secret is in having a reliable system to use with each project so I don’t waste time recreating the wheel with each new book.

The Profitable Book Starter Kit is the exact process I use to write my books with limited stress, strain or struggle. 

Let’s walk through each part of your free kit.

Book Strategy Brainstorming Planner

 Your Book Strategy Brainstorming Planner walks you through the same ten steps I’ve used in phone consultations to challenge authors to define what they want combined with my favorite resources to help you decide what is possible.



Your Profitable Published Book Roadmap outlines the major milestones and steps between planning your book, writing it,  publishing it and finally promoting it in the years to come.






Your 101 BEST Resources for Authors list features all my favorites for planning, writing, publishing and promoting your book with confidence.





I’ve seen people sell information like this for hundreds of dollars, but you’re getting it for free!


You can hire someone to help you clean up grammar. You can hire someone to design an amazing book cover. You can even hire someone to advise you on the best tried-and-proven marketing tactics…but you can never hire someone to create the best strategy for you.

There is no editor, graphic designer or marketing pro who knows the true depths of your message, your audience and how best to connect the two than you.


So if you’re the expert on what you need to say and you make it your business to become an expert on what your audience needs, then doesn’t it make sense for you to outline your own strategy before you bring in other book publishing success team members to help upgrade your plan and pull it off at the highest level possible?

I think your audience deserves the best from you. I trust that you do too…so that’s why you want this Profitable Published Book Kit.

As I mentioned a few days ago, the kit comes with everything you need to get your book out of your head, self-publish with confidence and even think through your ideal book launch.

Now that you have all this information at your digital finger tips, here are five smart ways to maximize it along your publishing journey:

— Use it as a roadmap to help you chart your progress. The first time you take a new journey, it always feels like it’s taking forever because you’re not sure what to expect. Use the “Profitable Published Book Roadmap” to give you context and chart your progress along the way. I even recommend printing it and putting it somewhere you’ll see it each day to remind you of your goal.

— Turn it into a step-by-step book coach. Your “Book Strategy Brainstorming Planner” challenges you to get your big picture goals out of your head and then offers exercises that lead to a customized book writing and publishing system based on the same process I use. With this resource, you’ll be light years ahead of the average aspiring author.

— Break up your bigger book writing and publishing goal into smaller bite-sized pieces. Your “Book Strategy Brainstorming Planner” helps you plan your entire writing, publishing and promotion process. From there, your “Profitable Published Book Roadmap” highlights your next big milestone and the exact actions you need to complete to reach that milestone and your “101 Best Resources for Authors” list recommends the best tools to use along the way.

— Start thinking and writing like a successful author. Writing is an art, and every artist has their own ritual, routines and systems for bringing out their best selves. The “Book Strategy Brainstorming Planner” gives you the tools you need to create your own custom winning system to be your best…even if you don’t like to write!

— Break through the distractions, procrastination and other book killers. If you’ve spent more time thinking about your book than writing it, then you’ll love the simple yet effective solutions in the “Book Strategy Brainstorming Planner.”

These are just a few ways to highlight how the Profitable Book Starter Kit can help you take your book writing, publishing and promotion to the next level, but now it’s your turn to run with them.

Stop stressing and jumpstart your profitable book now.

4 Modules

Profitable Published Book Roadmap

Always know what's next with this roadmap of your major writing and publishing milestones.

101 BEST Resources for Authors

Take all the guess work out of which tools and resources you need to bring your book writing and publishing goals to life.

What's Next?

Ready to move beyond starting your book? Discover how to take your book to the next level.

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